Preschool teachers organized activities for the children that disgusted Internet users! What did they want to teach the kids in this way?

For children in preschool, various activities are organized that are designed to teach them something new.

Toddlers learn rhythm and learn to sing, draw and collaborate in a group. Oftentimes preschoolers come up with some creative and cognitive activities. They take charge of the area to get to know the surrounding world. Preschoolers learn to respect animals and the environment. It is good to pass on good standards from an early age, because in the future they will appreciate everything that is around them.

On September 27, 2017, in a Greek salon, a group of preschoolers painted a horse named Smarty. Unusual activities were organized by the school for the children and the children were very willing to participate in them. The little ones eagerly started to work, and after a dozen or so minutes on the white skin of the pet one could see various patterns. The poor animal stood motionless for a long time, and the kids ran around him and covered him with paint.

The preschool praised photos of a colorful horse on Facebook. As you might guess, many people did not like it. Outrageous animal rights advocates think that this is a mere symptom of bullying living beings. Sitters, instead of showing the little ones how important the animals are, taught them something completely different. The horse was treated as something that could be used in various ways.

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