Two families, two kinds of love, and one photo. This photograph says more about the proximity of parents and their children than a thousand words

Sometimes a simple picture can teach a person more than the smartest of books.

Life is constantly changing, and people have different roles to play in their journey on this planet. It is important to accept this change and always rise to the challenge, especially when it comes to building family relationships.


Parents play an extremely important role in human life, because their concern and care guarantee one’s survival during infancy and the years after. Parents are also the first teachers of the child, teaching them basic values ​​and showing them the world. With time, however, the position of the mother and dad changes and the caregivers become friends or advisers.

In the end, life makes parents and children completely change their roles: adult children become the guardians of their elderly and sick parents, who often would not be able to survive without their help …


This great circle of family life is perfectly depicted in a picture that was recently taken on the morning train from Kutuarjo to Solo in Indonesia. One of the passengers immortalized two families and two kinds of love: a parent to a child and a child to a parent.

On the right side of the photograph is a couple with a few years old boy. You can see that the child is loving and happy. On the other side of the aisle there is also a parent with a child, but this time an adult son surrounds his old father, who leans on him due to his fatigue.

This photograph has touched thousands of Internet users, and the user who put them on the web wrote: Love your parents, just as they loved you and take care of them with all your heart, because when they are gone, your heart will burst with longing. It’s worth it to listen to this advice.