Pastel Hair In Rainbow Colours Is A New Trend In Dyeing For 2015

The year 2015 is full of new trends in hair colouring. You have already known the trend for hair in a shade of gray. But that’s not all that is fashionable in this season. Get ready for a colourful dizziness. Multicoloured pastel rainbow hair in different shades is a new trend among women.

Nicki Minaj, Christina Aguilerra or Kate Parry already had colourful hair. In real life, it is hard to imagine such extravagance, especially if we work on high positions, we work in corporations or in public places. But you can always dream about and look at the people who can afford such extravagance.
And what do you think about it, is it cool trendy or not?

1. Rainbow dizziness


2. The shades of green, sea green and grey, and hair tied up in a French plead – impressive.


3. Pink hair in the main role, two shades of blue and yellow reflections.