A nearly 90-year-old veteran of the Second World War reveals an astonishing truth about himself and undergoes a metamorphosis that no one expected

As long as a person lives, he can always make a difference.

Older people are famous for not changing. They value stability and do not like surprises or new challenges. That is why it is common to say that old trees cannot be replanted, that is, that one should not force seniors to change their place of living or lifestyle because they abhor it very much.

Elderly people often have conservative views as a result of the education they received decades ago. This does not mean, however, that all seniors are distinguished, predictable and calm people, as there are some old people who only in old age gain the courage to change.

Among those seniors, Peter Davies, 87, revealed his lifelong secret and finally decided to do what he was happy with, regardless of the opinions or comments of others.

Everyone saw Peter as a war hero, who for three years fought fights at the front. His family and neighbors saw him as a courageous man or 100% male, but Peter throughout his life felt internally … a woman!

Peter, who became Patricia, remembers that he discovered his trans-personality at the age of 3, but his whole life was silent, as he grew up in other times when the differences were not as tolerated as they are now. Now, however, he decided that there was no point in hiding longer and began to dress himself as a woman.

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