Paul Dienach spent a year in a coma. Unconscious, he experienced visions in which he could see the distant future. The prophecy he wrote afterwards, where he described the next 20 centuries, is absolutely amazing

The future has always been a puzzle people try to solve.

Unpredictable and mysterious, it leaves the man permanently unprepared for what is coming. As, unfortunately, human beings do not have the natural ability to travel in time, many scientists, including both crazy and serious ones, have tried to build a time machine but with no success. So, is it absolutely impossible to foresee the future and to catch a glimpse of what will happen in thousands of years?


At the moment, the only is to resort to fortunetelling and prophecies delivered mediums. Science rejects visions and prophecies as they are impossible to verify and interpret. The future, however, can be seen not only by people who claim to possess magical talents but also by the sick.

One of them was Paul Amadeus Dienach, who experienced visions of the future when he was ill, but he never spoke about it as he was afraid of being ridiculed. As he didn’t desire fame, his testimony seems to be honest and, looking at the modern world, it also seems to be realistic.

How does the future predicted by Paul Dienach look like? Find out on the next pages.