Peggy and Beryl were the best of friends until the war separated them. The women met again after… 80 years!

Friends make our lives better and more interesting, which is why friendship deserves care. Unfortunately, various unexpected situations can pull a pair of friends apart. This does not mean that the unique bond between such people is broken.

The Englishwoman Peggy Rouse (97 years) and Beryl Goodburn (95 years) knew each other as teenagers who worked at the Northfleet cable factory. The young girls quickly found a common language and became friends, sharing every teenage secret. Unfortunately, Fate did not let them enoy this frienship for too long as they got separated by World War II. The onslought of war forced the girls to part ways and prevented them from establishing contact.


Beryl then married in 1941 and, shortly thereafter, gave birth to her first child. After the death of her husband, she married again to Harold Goodburn, and went on to have two children, four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Only a photo of Peggy and Beryl served as a remnant of the days of their youth.

Peggy also married during the war. She had three children with her husband Ted, but their first-born died at a very early age. Currently, Peggy is a grandmother of two grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Both ladies were able to start a happy family and to have an interesting life, filled with love of their loved ones. Unfortunately, they could not share these joys with each other.

World War II forever separated tens of thousands of people bonded by love or friendship.

Under what circumstances could thefriends meet again? Read about this on page two.