People can travel in time. Some believe a recently discovered mummy to be proof of that. Are her shoes really sneakers?

For centuries, people have been fascinated by the possibility of time travel. Our current knowledge suggests that these trips are impossible, but there are people who believe in it and are still looking for evidence that someone was or is able to realistically move between the different realities of different years.

The latest confirmation that people can travel in time was supposed to be a mummy discovered by Mongolian archaeologists. The remains were however dressed in what is an invention of our time and couldn’t have been known to people who lived a few hundred years ago.


The mummy was found in the Altai Mountains and archaeologists initially estimated that it’s the body of a woman, since there was no bow in the tomb. The remains had been preserved quite well due to the mountain climate. The age of the finding is roughly 1500 years. A scientist with Howd Museum, B. Sukhbaatar, believes that it isn’t a body of a person belonging to the elite, which is supported by the method of burial.

Mummified bodies are a source of knowledge about the past.

The attention of all was caught by the mummy’s shoes, which are strikingly similar to today’s sneakers. They have a similar style, stitching and distinctive white stripes on the sides. For many people it became proof that our ancestors had the ability to travel to the future or look into its depths. Are the mummy’s shoes actually sneakers? Well, the original labels are missing.

The shoes are quite similar, but not identical.

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