After what other people have found in their food from KFC, I’ll never be using their services again! Disgusting!

Popular fast food chains assure us that they serve us fresh and healthy products. The finest and tastiest morsels are in our hands in a matter of minutes. At this point, there’s nothing left but to dig in. After all, such food is pure health. Wrong! The fact that the dishes are so packed with preservatives that they could survive the apocalypse unchanged is nothing new.

However, you can do worse, because you don’t know whether through the laziness of employees, or whether by pure mistake, foreign objects find their way into the deep fry oil boilers. You can take a look at them, but be warned, you may lose your appetite for a long time.

19-year-old Ibrahim Langoo didn’t think that when you buy KFC chicken, you’ll receive something completely different. When he was chewing his piece of chicken, he saw something that looked like brain on the bone! He posted the photo to the internet, and the company responded quickly… offering him free meals and stated that it isn’t the brain… but a kidney! What a relief!


Employees of KFC in Virginia were so busy with other things, that they served their customer… oil roasted chicken head! The woman demanded 100 thousand dollars in damages, and the company counteroffered her … 2 weeks of free dining. We don’t know whether it tempted the customer to withdraw her lawsuit.