People thought that this puppy misses his deceased master. The truth turned out to be quite different!

It’s almost a year ago since the Internet was captured by a picture of a dog that dug a hole in the grave of its master, and while mourning stayed in it for a long time. Of course, such behavior is possible and sometimes happens, as in this case, but in this case the dog has done it for another reason. 

The dog dug the hole, because she wanted to hide her puppies there. She was homeless and was looking for a safe place for her puppies. She chose a random grave, to place the young in. To ensure proper temperature, she was heating them up with her own body. The question is, why did she decide to go to the cemetery after all? The answer is very simple. It’s quiet and a peaceful place away from people. So, the mother could take care of her children undisturbed.


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