It took Horace 15 years to build the largest tree house. The wooden house has 10 floors.

A treehouse is a childhood dream for many people.

Who did not dream of the place of tree trysts, where parents would not come to? Some people have long awaited these small asylums, others never got a taste of it. But who said that an adult does not like such a nook? A late-night dream came to life for a pastor from Crossville, USA. Horace Burgess, however, remembers the construction of his cottage, now called an unusual construction and the largest “cottage” in a tree in the world.

We deliberately write “house” in quotation marks, for it is a mighty building. It is constructed on a huge oak, about 80 m high and on six other trees on which the huge structure is supported. In the huge house, there are over 80 rooms, dozens of porches, recesses and stairwells.

The whole building was made of recycled wood, from old sheds, garages and barns.

Its owner, a pastor, carpenter and landscape architect, says that the construction of this unusual wooden castle led to his higher goals. What?

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