Have you ever wondered what these symbols on plastic containers mean? See which ones represent plastic that is harmful to your health!

If we had to show which material we deal with most frequently every day, it would be most likely plastic. It has accumulated a lot of controversy around itself, and studies carried out in recent years have confirmed that they can be harmful. However, not all plastic needs to be anxiously feared.

On the packaging of plastic, usually on the bottom, a tiny graphic is placed with digits from 1 to 7 in the middle of it. These numbers tell us what material was used in the production of the packaging, and therefore – whether it’s safe for our health.


It turns out, unfortunately, that they’re not always safe. For example, I recently discovered that my favorite yogurt, with great ingredients, without milk powder, is packaged in one of the worst plastics ever… How can I live on?

If you’re curious how to decipher the markings on the plastic packaging, read on.