Pets can be more caring than people. Meet Maggie, who has helping others in her blood

Motels for animals are getting more popular year after year. they’re a good alternative for when owners have to leave for a short period of time and cannot take their animals with them. In one of those places have been visited by Maggie, who move with their behavior the hotel staff and reminded them what selfless compassion is.

The dog was not a very troublesome guest, until she escaped from her pen one night. The runaway was noticed by the facility’s employees, who saw on surveillance cameras a slowly walking dog. They were amazed because they didn’t know how Meggie managed to escape from her cage. Curious of the intentions of the clever dog, they monitored its next actions.

A dog wandering the corridors alone is a worrying sight for workers of a dog hotel.


The reason for why Maggie slipped out of her stall is that there were other roommates: two puppies, Hannah and Kari, who were just spending their first night at the hotel, they were dropped off as strays. The small dogs felt lonely and abandoned, which is why they yelped all the time. Maggie, who has herself not long ago had puppies (they were given away) could not stand the crying babies. Her maternal instinct would not allow her to remain indifferent and she decided to comfort Hannah and Kari.

Maggie quickly found the crate with the crying puppies.

pies 1

The hotel staff were surprise, because this is the first time they saw an adult dog who has been worried so much by the fate of foreign puppies. Her involvement in the solace of the little ones was so great that the caregivers let her stay the night in their cage. It was a very good idea, because the puppies were much calmer with Maggie. The next day they made a larger pen where three can comfortably fit and moved Hannah Kari and their “surrogate mother” Maggie there.

The dog’s concern for the puppies shows how much empathy is in animals themselves.