Photographs may well be ghosts’ favorite way to demonstrate their presence! They can be seen both in old photographs and in present-day selfies

Photographs immortalize only real objects present in the photographed space – by definition. Some photographs present objects or people who have never been seen by anybody. Is it possible?

A lot of pictures arouse controversy because what is in them cannot be identified. Anastassia and Bethany own such terrifying pictures. Although the pictures differ totally as regards the equipment they were taken by, the time and place they were made in, they have one thing in common: there are ghosts of unknown children in the background.


Anastassia decided to recollect the happier time of her childhood and started to look through family albums. One of the pictures, taken when she was four, attracted her attention. For the first time, she noticed that apart from her, there was another child in the picture, a girl standing at the door. Startled, she decided to ask her parents who she was.

In the background, a child could clearly be seen. How come was she there?

Unfortunately, neither her mother nor father were able to say who the child was because they had never seen it before. The only explanation could be to assume that it was a ghost. It seemed so terrifying and unbelievable for the woman that she decided to seek help and asked a woman who claimed to be a medium to tell her who the girl behind her back was.

The medium told her it was the spirit of a young girl who had always been following her.

To be sure that not only old photographs can be terrifying, go to the next page and see a ghost in a picture recently taken.