An extraordinary combination of the melody of the song

Music is a matter with which you can experiment in various ways. Music occupies a special place in human life. On the one hand, it allows people to express their emotions, and on the other hand induces them. It is soothing, but it can also mobilize one for action. For many people, music is the most faithful friend, and they consider the day without it wasted.

A group of four extremely talented musicians who go by the name “Piano Guys” love to experiment with sounds. They are characterized by extraordinary musical sensitivity, thanks to which their compositions touch millions of people. I think everyone has heard the song “Ave Maria” and the carol “Silent Night,” but so far always separately. The gentlemen from “Piano Gays” decided to bring the two pieces closer to each other and created an extraordinary work.

The 15-year-old Lexi Mae Walker, who 4 years ago charmed an American audience by singing the USA anthem at a football game in Utah, was invited to sing the composition they created. Her angelic voice came to the musicians from the “Piano Guys” memories, so they decided that she should sing their musical combination. The effect of the work of the musicians and the young singer is delightful. Listening to the song, one completely breaks away from a scornful world which rushes around them and looks inside themselves. Check it out yourself.

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