Brutally candid shots of a dozen veterans during the past 10 years prove that there is no greater evil in the world than war

“So long there are men, there will be wars” – Albert Einstein.

War is defined as an organized armed conflict involving at least two parties. Historians say that armed conflict has arisen with the emergence of the first identified societies that were ready to fight to maintain their separations.

War does not have a name. Some conflicts have lasted for decades, and other wars have occurred in a matter of days. However, regardless of the duration of the war, it is always the embodiment of pain, evil and suffering.

Unfortunately, there are no wars without sacrifices, and when confronted, you always have to be prepared for loss of health and life. Soldiers obviously know this, but everyone hopes the Grim Reaper will pass beside him indifferently and will instead claim enemy warriors.

There are currently over 30 armed conflicts worldwide. Every day, soldiers and civilians are killed in fighting. Although the whole world is aware of these dramas, most wars unfortunately still fail to end.

Fighting in the Near and Middle East has been going on for years, and young soldiers are constantly being sent to these areas where they risk their lives every day. Unfortunately, some of them do not come home happy or at all. As a result of the fighting, many warriors suffer serious injuries and become disabled lifelong for the rest of their lives. Two photographers decided to recall the fate of these people: David Jay and James Nachtwey.

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