Terrifying GMO! These modified super pigs do not resemble anything at all ordinary

The number of people who need to be fed is constantly growing, and the demand for meat is growing year by year.

Breeding companies must increase sales to meet market requirements. Harvesting more animals is not always cost-effective, so they must try other ways. Animals are fed with high-protein feed or their genetic material is interfered with. Those pigs and cows are thus born with unnatural muscle hyperplasia.

All they must do is remove only one gene – a protein called myostatin, which is responsible for limiting muscle development in the body. As a result of its removal, the muscles begin to grow rapidly. This mutation is called double muscle. In this way, more meat can be obtained from a single pig or a cow, with the same amount of money spent on breeding.

Huge bio prosthesis is the most characteristic feature of animals with myostatin excluded. It is not indifferent to the health of these mutant individuals. It causes some kinds of disability and great pain as well as degenerates bones. These animals also have an impaired immune system and are more aggressive than non-mutated specimens.

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