The image of a pigeon with a backpack surprised everyone, and its contents stunned them

Criminals are very clever and don’t hesitate in trying out surprising methods, because if something is stupid, but it works then it’s not stupid.

City dwellers hate pigeons, flocks of these omnivorous creatures live wherever they can. Especially near restaurants and places where they can convince someone to spare a few crumbs. They are shooed out of many places because they unfortunately destroy building façades and are able to “shoot” a human at the worst possible moment.


However, for centuries, pigeons have been birds that have helped people in exchanging information over long distances. The first recollections of pigeons as couriers came from ancient Persia, Egypt, and Greece. They were also used during the First World War. Today, pigeons are most often used for sporting purposes and in exhibitions.


Pigeon breeders know that the female will always return to her young or to her eggs, and the male will always return to his partner. Therefore, they can be released up to 1000 km from their nest, and they’ll still be able to find their way back. Of course, sometimes it happens that a pigeon won’t make it home, being guided by the magnetic fields of the earth, they might lose their way, something might catch them, or they might be obstructed by bad weather conditions.