This Swiss invented a fifth flavor of chocolate! You have not yet eaten this rarity

With the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus, cacao beans were sent to Europe.

Initially their use was not known until 1828 when Casparus van Houten Senior developed a method to pulverize the cocoa seeds, and his son invented dutching, the process of alkalizing chocolate. The first tablet came from the hands of Francis Fry and was a combination of cocoa and sugar.

Delicious chocolate plaques over time began to take over the world. Both children and adults were fascinated. Initially they were quite expensive and only a few could afford them, but what they would do to experience some delight. Throughout all these years, four types of chocolate have been created: bitter, milk, dessert and white. Quite recently we started experimenting with a new, better taste.

The well-known Swiss chocolate maker Barry Callebaut has had a number of accomplishments. In the 1980s, he introduced the fourth type of chocolate – white chocolate. This world leader of sweetness surprised the world again, presenting on September 5 in Shanghai his ruby ​​chocolate. The new, fifth type of chocolate is light pink, and apparently melts in the mouth. Unfortunately, so far only few have had the opportunity to taste it.

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