Pit Bull rescued from the streets doesn’t stop smiling!

People can be very cruel. One such instance is abandoning an animal, forcing it to fend for itself. When it gets boring, when it turns out that it needs more attention and begins to ask for it by destroying things in the house. That’s when people can even leave their dog in a forest or abandon it on the outskirts of town. The abandoned pet waits for its owner, not losing hope or wanders around, searching for food and care.

Unfortunately, these cases are not isolated. This was the fate of a young Pit Bull – Binks. Although compared with the fate of many dogs that die under the wheels of cars or from hunger, the fate of this pooch was far better. The lost dog drew the attention of Jon, who was walking with his dog Demo. The boy took the dog with him without hesitation.


He began to look for his owner, assuming that the dog had simply fled. After a month of handing out flyers, searching ads and sending out photos through the internet, Jon understood that no one is looking for the dog. Since that time, 12 years have passed! And Brinks hasn’t stopped smiling.


As Jon says, Brinks smiles when he wants, it’s his way of saying that he’s happy and well.