He got an “aggressive” patch, but it was enough to reach out to him to see what the dog was like.

It is not the dogs who are bad, but the people who misbehave.

This is an old truth that not everyone wants to believe. It is believed that there are breeds of dogs that are born murderers. For many years they were German Shepherds, then the opinion went to Rottweilers, and later Dobermans and in those days people were stuck on the Pit Bull. However, the owner is primarily responsible for how their dog responds to an environment.



When a dog puts itself in the shoes of its owner, it is due to fear and violence that they start reacting aggressively to what they are afraid of. The truth is that every dog ​​can be dangerous and everyone can be a home-grown couch potato. With the number of bites in the rankings win Dachshunds! When a person decides to take care of a dog, they must know that the animal has its character, that it is a living being and that it cannot be treated as a thing.


The doggie from the recording below was considered aggressive, which in practice means that he or she will be helped with therapy and silence, or will be put to sleep. Many people avoided his cage in the dog shelter. The dog, when people approached him, growled and turned his head. Most resigned from contact with the dog. However, one of the caregivers noticed that the dog’s body said that the dog wanted contact with him, but that he was afraid of him.


The dog was scared, but his tail betrayed that it was enough to give him some time to be pet. The doggy needed a long time to understand that the hand drawn in his direction was not to punish him, but to stroke him. There was a smile on his mouth! The dog was happy to stretch his head so that someone could stroke him.

Fortunately, the dog found a new home. It turned out that aggression is a reaction to fear. Thanks to the work of the caregiver in the shelter, he managed to rehabilitate him. Once he found his owner, he has changed and is now a wonderful traveling companion for the world-wide travel of his friend-owner.