Police may, acting under an absurd law, euthanize that smiling pooch. Does the dog have to die?

Dura lex, sed lex is a legal principle derived from ancient Rome which says that even if the law is hard, if is still the law. According to this maxim, rules and regulations are paramount and everyone should follow them, regardless of the circumstances. But what to do when the law is absurd?

Dan Tillery, living in Michigan, decided to adopt a dog. He saw Diggy in the animal shelter, Detroit Dog Rescue, and immediately knew that this dog is for him. He made no mistake. The doggy immediately clung to the owner, grateful for his open heart and began to grin in a charming smile. Their laughing pic won the hearts of thousands of Internet users, but reached also people who did not with the new pair of friends well.


After a few days spent together at home, the police knocked on the man’s door. Officers informed Dan that in Waterford Township, a suburb of Detroit where he lives, there is an effective regulation banning owners from keeping a Pit Bull. In accordance with the law, the officers are thus required to remove the dog from his home. Diggy’s owner was shocked that someone might force him to euthanize or give the dog away, but the worst was that his dog was not even a Pit Bull!

Does Diggy look like a menacing beast?

Diggy is an American Bulldog and therefore the ban should not concern it, but the authorities have recognized it is a Pit Bull in the state of Michigan. And a Pit Bull, as a rule, is to them dangerous and unpredictable, and therefore must disappear. Dan has a certificate from the animal shelter where he adopted a dog, stating its race. He also has an opinion of an independent kynologist, but these documents did not appeal to the legal enforcement officers. Dan had to leave his house because he could not imagine giving Diggy up.

Diggy’sproblems did not finish with leaving the shelter.

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