Police officers wanted to arrest the grandma of this little boy. His reaction says everything!

It sometimes happens that kids are more bonded with gramps than with parents. Preoccupied with their responsibilities and everyday things, parents may not pay too much attention to their children, and grandmas or grandpas substitute them as caregivers. They start to spoil kids and take the tasks that belong to mom and dad.

Often a child prefers to spend time with his grandmother, because she allows more than a mother. Grandma has no problem with going to the shop for the next ice cream or with letting her grandchild watch TV some longer.


This little Chinese boy also has an unique bond with his grandma , and he bravely came to her defense. Officers wanted to eliminate a number of illegal street markets. They threatened the sellers with arrest, and then the little hero took matters into his own hands and stood up to them.

Do not touch my grandma! – he shouted at the top of his lungs, while holding a metal pipe.

The officers and people gathered around were amused by the situation, but the little boy took everything seriously. When one of the policemen came over to calm him down and sit him on the couch standing alongside, the boy immediately stood up and walked towards him. Anyway, see for yourself!