Popular movies without the special effects. See how they really looked!

In these movies, special effects leave a lasting impression on moviegoers. Spectacular explosions, breath-taking landscapes, and fairy-tale-like characters all make our imaginations’ eyes move to an imagined world, where we would lake to stay as long as possible.

These amazing images are the best creations of specialized teams who use all their effort to create the most realistic scenes as possible. They usually are aided with technology of blue box (green box, blue screen). Actors play scenes on a solid background, green or blue, and later they add over them a new image, such as a computer generated landscape.

1. Life of Pi.

The special effects team – Rhythm & Hues created a boat that was lost at sea and a giant Bengal tiger.



2. Pirates of the Caribbean. Dead Man’s Chest.

The unforgettable character Davy Jones never had an octopus mask on.


3.The Dark Knight.