This 97-year-old senior citizen woman waited 7 hours in the rain to meet Prince Harry. When the time came, there was something she did not even dream of

Being a real prince is not only about a birthright, but also about decent behavior.

The British royal family is known all over the world, and the pride of the people are enjoyed by the dukes William and Harry, the sons of the tragically deceased Princess Diana and Prince Charles. The men as children have stolen the hearts of not only the British, but also of the people of the world.


Chances are that Prince Harry will be king, because he is only third in the queue to the throne, right after his father and brother. As he admits in interviews, he enjoys such a turn of events because he does not have to focus on the succession of the throne, but he can afford to be involved in charity, as in the footsteps of his great mother.

Prince Harry is involved in a lot of initiatives and he is the initiator of several of them. Among other things, he is the originator of “Invictus Games”, a sporting event involving veterans of the and their environment. Recently, in connection with these competitions, Prince Harry visited Sydney.


The crowd of people waiting to meet Harry was 97-year-old veteran Daphne Dunne. The woman met in 2015 in person with the prince, as he drew attention to the medallions pinned to her chest as she stood in the welcoming crowd and asked about them. The senior reminisces about this moment, so she dreams of seeing Harry again, though she did not think he would recognize her.

Daphne was so determined that she waited up to seven hours in the rain for the arrival of the young Brit, and when he came to meet with Australian fans, something unexpected happened…

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