Prisoners broke the lock and escaped their just to… help a guard!

The reasons for which people land behind bars are always different. Sometimes they think they can cheat the tax system or steal something because they don’t see any other solution. Sometimes they get sentenced for heavy crimes they commit. Whatever you say, there aren’t many innocents in there.

But as camera footage from a Mexican jail shows, they still aren’t deprived of human instincts.


In the first seconds of the recording you can see movement in the sell. Calm prisoners jump to the door and open it only to run up to a guard and call for help. It later came out that he had had a stroke and fell off his chair. The inmates risked a lot by bringing the doors down and leaving their cells. The procedure in such cases is very direct – rebellion and disobedience must be put down quickly. If the other guard hadn’t understood the intentions of the prisoners, a tragedy could have taken place.

The warden that ran to the scene thought that a fight had begun but quickly found out what the truth was, especially that the inmates returned to their cell right away.

Thanks to their help the guard will. If it weren’t for their intervention, help could’ve come too late.