Pros and cons of being a parent. Think twice before you decide to have a child!

Are you planning a larger family with your partner? Maybe you’re already expecting a sweet and cute newborn? Prepare for the fact that parenting is a beautiful, yet challenging road, not strewn with roses. There are many things that will completely surprise you, many moments that will take your breath away, but also those that you’ll want to erase from your memory as soon as possible.

Do these photos present the pros and cons of parenthood? Are you ready for a quick journey through the first months of a newborn’s life? Let’s start! 🙂

When you become a parent, sleep becomes so scarce that you’ll sleep whenever you get an opportunity to do so.

Even if you’ve never slept during the day, you’ll certainly change that habit.

Sleeping at night will also begin to look much different than what it had been like before.

You will use every possible opportunity to sleep…