Puppies vs. old dogs. See touching pictures that show how quadrupeds age!

Dogs age much faster than humans. The first signs of aging can be seen almost immediately. Pets move slower, eat less and sleep more. They may even excessively gain or lose weight. They easily catch infections and have a hard time recovering. Although it’s sad to look at such a sight, we know that this is an inevitable process, and sooner or later it comes to everyone.

Amanda Jones has been photographing dogs for 20 years. It resulted in an incredible project that shows pets at different ages. The artist wanted to show how their life is short and fleeting. At first glance, some dogs visibly show the intervening years, while others show radical changes in appearance. Old age is shown by eyes, wrinkled skin and fur. See how pets appear in the autumn of their life!

1. Corbet age 2 and 11.


2. Briscoe as a one-year-old puppy and a 10-year-old dog.


3. Poppy: a year and 7.


4. Fred two-years-old and 10.