Put your finger on the mirror in the dressing room. If you do not see a gap, do not undress!

When you take off your clothes in the dressing room or public toilet, you probably we think that no one sees you. In most cases, it is indeed true, and trying on a new dress or dressing up for the gym, we do not need to worry that a stranger will see us.

However, let’s be sure to pay attention to the mirror, because there are more and more cases of translucent mirrors. This means that someone on the other side is watching us!


Of course, nobody wants to be spied upon, therefore it is recommended that you do a trick. It is childishly simple and determines what kind of the mirror do you deal with.


If your finger does not touch its mirror image, it means that you should not worry, and everything is fine. You are likely encountering an ordinary mirror with which you can undress as much as you want.

But what when your finger touches its reflection? Read about this on the next page!