Put yourself front and center! No one else will

Very often, our opinion on ourselves is determined based on what others have said about us. We hear something, imagine something else and our self-esteem drops. This is especially true for women who aim to please others by a beautiful dress and taking care of themselves.

However, one friends’ remark is enough not to put on their favorite dresses anymore. People are social animals and have a natural tendency to attach too much attention to the words of others. What other people think about us concerns us and affects our decisions and choices. Is it good to worry?


Reflecting on the choices and decisions facing a man, he often orgets the most important thing. Most people put themself front and center and are not really interested in others. You know, people like it when others are adapting to them. However, you should realize that it is more important to be happy than to constantly try to please others.


Attempts to satisfy everyone around not only fail, but also make you yourself drench the joy out of life. Stress and problems burn life’s valuable energy, as does worrying about people who have no influence on what is happening to you.

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