Puzzles with matches that have a high level of difficulty. Will you give the challenge a try and solve it in two minutes?

You’ve most likely repeatedly heard that unused organs tend to disappear. But what about the brain? Is it actually possible? It turns out that it is! Researchers from Boston Children’s Hospital have shown that inactive brain connections are removed by microglial cells.

The conclusion is that it’s worth stimulating brain cells to work, because thanks to it you keep your brain in good shape. Concentration, memory and logical thinking are useful every single day, so it’s important to prevent stagnation of the brain. One way to do so is to solve puzzles, which is why today we present some interesting puzzles with the use of matches. Perhaps you still remember them from school! Shall we start?

1. Move two matches to get the correct equation.


2. Move two matches to get three triangles.


3. Move two matches to get three scalene triangles.


4. Move three matches to get three squares.


5. Move three matches so that two squares are formed.

After reading the questions, don’t go straight for the answers. Spend at least some time thinking about a solution for the puzzle! The answers are on the next page!