Quickly and instinctively select one of the following keys and see what that choice says about your personality. The accuracy of this test is surprising

The truth about a person is hidden in the subconscious, so you have to know how to reach it.

The nature of a person is shaped in a lifetime, because each new experience changes and develops a person and influences their perception of reality. Even though people change over the years and under the influence of certain events, each person has some specific, inherent personal traits that affect everything else.


Personality is a set of traits of a permanent character associated with the individual’s psyche, which affects their orientation in the world and makes it distinct from others. Personality is something so strongly rooted in a person that it determines all of their reactions.

A good way to identify someone’s personality traits is by interpreting their spontaneous choices. Why is it so important for the choice to be quick and instinctive? Because then it would be dictated by the subconscious, and not by logical analytic conclusions.

Select one of these keys without thinking, and check the following pages, to see what this choice says about your personality’s characteristics.