Reading this story will take you less than 2 minutes, but you’ll remember the message which the story brings forever

Everyone wants to be a good person, but how can we accomplish that? Just remember what’s most important in life, and never let negative emotions be the deciding factor of your life choices. The short story which you can find below, will remind you of this, force you to reflect on your own behavior and will be a pointer in how to be a decent person.

There were once two brothers, who lived next to each other. For 40 years, they lived in agreement, love and harmony, helping each other in difficult times. Unfortunately, one day the brothers got into a fierce argument and hadn’t been able to find a common language ever since. They broke their ties and avoided each other like the plague. Everything was about to change when a stranger knocked on the older brother’s door…


The stranger turned out to be a carpenter, who was looking for work. The older brother immediately saw a great opportunity to further separate himself from his neighbor-brother and asked the carpenter to build a 6-foot high fence along the border of their property, near a stream. He lied to the craftsman and told him that an annoying neighbor lives next door and that the fence would finally bring him peace and quiet. Once the details had been talked over, the carpenter set off to work while the older brother took a trip to a nearby town.

One brother decided to separate himself from the other with a fence.

The carpenter worked hard all day, but the effect of his work was completely different than what was expected by the client. In the evening, it turned out that instead of a fence on the bank of the stream, stood a lovely bridge connecting the two shores. When the younger brother saw it, he deemed it a gesture of reconciliation on the part of his older brother and walked out toward him, holding his hand out in hope of agreement. The brothers met in the middle of the bridge and shook hands, forgiving each other for the harsh words which had been spoken recently.

It’s better to build bridges than to burn them.