This 2-minute movie has already been seen by 50 million people around the world! See if you will be tempted to reflect their doing

In today’s world, people can be so confused that they have to be reminded of basic values.

The 21st century has imposed on people an unprecedented pace of life and has given them a lot of devices to facilitate their daily existence. Sadly, for many people, some of the techniques instead of being helpful, have become addictive.

Multi-functional smartphones have made them successful, and these phones are now in the pockets of millions of young people who in many cases can no longer imagine life without them. Sociologists believe that the dominance of smartphones in everyday life will be one of the most serious problems of this century.

Addiction to electronics, mainly phones and social media, leads to the slow disintegration of many societies. National ties and personal friendships loosen up as people are no longer able to build relationships with personal contact and prefer to communicate in the virtual world.

Smartphones steal people’s lives because they distract them from the real pleasure of being a person of personal contact with another person. Even seeing each other in the real life, young people often go to the net and sit at one table as they communicate on a messenger!

Sitting with their head over a smartphone makes life sad, but yourself being addicted to your phone is hard to see. Therefore, to make people aware of the seriousness of the omnipresence of electronics, a 2-minute clip was filmed, where everyone can find a situation they have encountered personally.

Do not let your phone and Facebook take you away from the joy of living in the real world!