Remember the boy hailed the “Little Hercules”? Take a look at how he looks as a grown man

The world is constantly being amazed by brilliant children, but the number of talented kids is so large that we quickly forget about the heroes of the press from a few years ago. So today we want to remind you of a person named Richard Sandrak, the little bodybuilder.

Richard captivated the world at the age of 8 with his extremely athletic body. Despite his young age, he had beautifully toned muscles, which he achieved with the help of his father, a coach. Opinions on the situation and how the boy was being raised were strongly divided at that time: some thought Richard was a brilliant child, while others rang the alarm saying that those types of physical exercises at that age were simply child abuse.

His story stirred up a lot of emotions, so it’s worth checking to see how his life played out and how his body looks today. 

Little Richard Sandrak was known by the nickname “Little Hercules.”

The boy did as many as 600 push-ups and sit-ups a day.

Men of all ages were jealous of the 8-year-olds muscles.

His story will be continued on the following pages and you’ll find more pictures there as well.