As he began to dig his half-hectare field, everyone stared at him with pity. After half a year, the mockers’ faces changed

An artist’s material can be anything, just something to come up with an idea of ​​what thing or space to use.

For some artists, a canvas is not enough, so they look for unusual means of artistic expression. Often in such situations the creators reach for the obvious and their vision is initially misleading as was the case with Stan, a 64-year-old American.

Stan lives in Eagan, Minnesota and for some time has been retired. The man has always been passionate about art and liked to express himself through it, so he came up with a surprising idea to use his half-hectare field to create a piece of work.

Stan began to dig and to plant his field according to his vision. At first his work did not create a concrete effect and the local people started to laugh at him seeing him as a freak or a madman.

When Stan finished his work after 6 months of hard work, everyone was shocked: on his field, he created an image of Vincent Van Gogh! The man created a brilliant and very original copy of the 1889 canvas titled “Olive trees with yellow sky and sun”.

One must admit that this version of the famous painting takes one’s breath away, thus it quickly became a local attraction. Unfortunately, the work is fleeting, as the changing of seasons certainly destroys it.