When you know what this dog carries in its mouth, you will smile widely. Internet users continue to admire its resourcefulness!

Quite a few dogs are afraid of thunderstorms, and the most sensitive can sense the violent weather changes a few hours earlier.

Thunder is the worst. Sudden noise makes them start barking loudly, coughing, hiding in inaccessible places or experience uncontrolled urination. It is important not to stress the pet at such situations. Nothing will change that, but it will make them associate the storm both with the thunder and with the punishment imposed by the owner.

It is important for the dog to find somewhere as shelter where he will feel safe. If the quadruped has a roof over his head, this is not a problem. In the worse situation are stray dogs. When there is a storm, there is no place to hide and they are doomed to themselves. When hurricane Harvey reached the US coast, its strength was probably frightening to all Americans. It was thought to be as devastating as 2005’s Katrina.

The greatest fear was among the people of Texas, for whom the hurricane was the most serious threat. In a short time, a lot of people lost their roofs and were forced to leave the threatened areas. Of course, they received warnings earlier, but it is difficult to prepare for such a disaster. It turns out that not only did people take the necessary precautions, animals were also prepared for every eventuality.

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