Restaurant diners looked on with disgust at an old and ill man. Suddenly, his son did something that made everyone fall silent.

A son took his old and sick father for dinner to a restaurant. The man was very weak and everything would fall out of his hands. He wasn’t able to hold on to silverware and the food often ended up on his shirt and pants. The other diners looked on with disgust and kept whispering something amongst themselves.

His son pretended that he doesn’t see anything. He was very calm and focused on his father. He didn’t show any embarrassment or irritation. He took the man to the bathroom and wiped the rest of the food off of the wrinkled face.

He fixed his glasses, combed his gray hair, and went towards the bar to bay the bill. They were just about to leave when one of the guests provoked him and said: “I think you forgot something?”.

The man thought for a moment and replied: “No, I definitely didn’t leave anything.”

“But, of course you did. You forgot something really important. You’ve taught a lesson to all the kids and fathers the hope that when they are old, then they will be treated with respect and love.”

There was a lot of people in the restaurant, and only one of the guests has noticed the incredible sacrifice and devotion. A dead silence took over. No one had the courage to say anything about what has just happened…

Remember to treat the elders with respect. One day we will be in an old age and just as they do now, we’ll also need love and support.


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