Rock star Steven Tyler showed that every fan is important to him! And what he did for this sick boy is amazing!

Rock stars usually have one trait in common, and it’s that they’re often spoiled and nonchalant. After achieving international success, they have little care for fans, which makes no sense since without them, they would’ve reached nothing. However, this is what happens when one has a pocket full of money and people can go to great lengths, if not do anything, to get an autograph or take a picture with a celebrity.

Fortunately, not every star of rock or any other musical genre is completely deprived of empathy for their fans. One of these stars is Steven Tyler, the lead singer of Aerosmith, which undeniably was very successful. Together with his group, he has sold 150 million albums worldwide.


It is very difficult to persuade celebrities of this rank to meet with their fans, not to mention their reactions when someone accidentally meets them in a store or restaurant and wants to take a picture with them. That’s why, when 23-year-old Anthony, who suffers from Down syndrome met Steven in the store, he was hesitant to even approach him. The boy is a big fan of the band and finally overcame his shyness and approached his idol. Tyler’s reaction was amazing! Not only did they take some photos together and talk for a while, but he also asked Anthony if he’s coming to their concert that evening. When the boy admitted that he wasn’t able to get any tickets, he said that it wasn’t a problem and invited him backstage! The boy was very happy, and when it turned out that he’ll be onstage performing with his idol, playing the maracas during the song “Sweet Emotion,” he couldn’t hide his joy.


A moment of the vocalists’ time given to his fan gave the boy wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. The rock legend knows that without his fans, he wouldn’t have achieved much, even if he had recorded the greatest albums of all.