She had a hair tie around her wrist. She had no idea what horrible consequences this habit has!

Having long hair is feminine and sexy, but it causes a lot of problems.

Everyone who possesses long strands would definitely confirm this. They’re most beautiful when their hair is let down, but that’s not comfortable for long periods of time, which is why many women frequently tie or pin their hair up. So it’s a good idea to have a large clip or hair tie with you to tie up your long strands if you need to.

Girls love wearing elastic bands on their wrists. Thanks to that they won’t lose them very quickly and it’s always at hand. This seemingly harmless habit can have very nasty consequences, as this mother from Louisville, Kentucky found out. Audree Kopp has her hands tied with work every day and all of her chores are performed on the run. To tame her long hair, she often tied them up with a colorful hair tie. She admits that she wears the brocade decoration on her wrists.

The woman had no idea that the hair band could be so dangerous. After a while she noticed a bump that started to grow quite quickly. She thought a spider bit her or some other aggressive insect, but her hair ornament caused the edema. It was determined that it had caused slight rubbing on the skin where the infection had taken place. Audree went to the doctor, but he claimed it was nothing serious.

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