Sailors terrified because of a mysterious sea creature floating next to their boat. Despite years of experience, they couldn’t recognize what it was!

If you see something mysterious floating on the water, you always look for a logical explanation as to what it might be. Trash, an abandoned boat or other things abandoned by people which the water took. From a distance, these things always look alarming. And what should you do if it turns out that up close they’re also something difficult to explain? This was what happened to sailors who came across an unusual object and couldn’t explain what it was.

It all took place in the Persian Gulf, where the sailors noticed an unidentified object in the distance. When they got a little closer, it turned out that the object had a terrible smell to it and was most likely the corpse of a huge animal. The question was what animal?


The sailors uploaded a photo to the internet, asking for comments and possible advice as to what it might be. Internet users from around the world began to wonder what could be in the picture. Many theories arose, beginning with the easiest explanations as to what it is, ending at the improbable and extraterrestrial.

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