Two questions to which only geniuses … or schizophrenics fit well. You try?

Many people will confirm that geniuses have something from crazy people and some crazy people are geniuses.

Mental illnesses are increasingly recognized and treated. At the beginning of the twentieth century, mental illnesses were treated with methods that today are considered torture. Bathing in ice water, tying up, beating and any lack of empathy and respect for the sick was on the agenda. Fortunately, times and methods have changed, and mentally ill people are surrounded by caring caretakers.

Many of them recover and can function in society. To identify a sick person, doctors have developed a series of tests to show whether a person is suffering from a mental illness or a person who just has interests. Well, contrary to the opinions of many people about themselves, there are not many geniuses. And they have more than a flash of madness in their eyes. Although they are capable of great deeds, not once does the idea of ​​them consume them.

We have a text for you that has been prepared and used by psychiatrists around the world. These two questions can give a good answer to schizophrenics or outstanding geniuses. For the test to have some truthfulness, respond according to your senses. Try to focus on what you see, not how it should look. Look carefully at the images below and answer the questions.

1. Is the mask convex on one side or two?

2.Does the mask rotate in one direction or two?

You will find the answers on the next page.