Schoolchildren painted the coffin of a deceased 18-year-old. They did it because of a very sad reason

Eighteen-year old Laura Hillier of Burlington had been struggling for a few years with leukemia. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to win with the disease and died in January of this year.

All of her friends from school attended her funeral. They decided to transform the white coffin into a commemorative book. They wrote hundreds of touching messages of love and support on it. They also decided to wear her favorite color, purple.

Life is a song… sing it, while the heart is beating – that is what the largest inscription on the coffin read during the funeral ceremony.


The teenage girl had been waiting for a stem cell transplant for four years. In July, a chance appeared, but the lack of hospital beds delayed the process by several months. Shortly after the funeral, one of Laura’s friends published some moving information on the site Imgur, which was meant to encourage others to donate organs.

Currently, Laura’s family raises funds for a foundation conducting stem cell research.

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