Scientist claim to have found the oldest tree in the World. You won’t guess how old this spruce is

Trees are unique plants which have well marked a special place in the development of our civilization. For centuries, trees have delivered food or have been used constructing or heating. Without them our world would be totally different.

It is hard to say exactly how many trees grow on our planet but thanks to a group of European scientists we can say which one of them is probably the oldest. Professor Leif Kullman and his research group from the Faculty of Ecology and Environmental Studies at the University in Umeå claim that the oldest tree in the world is a spruce in Sweden.


The spruce didn’t ever catch any attention of dendrologist mainly due to the fact that it was quite small and looked like a fairly young example. But closer research showed that size has nothing to do with age, because specialist equipment showed that the tree was about 9550 years old and it’s roots had formed at the end of the last ice age!

The tree doesn’t look that impressive, considering it’s age.
Old Tjikko (2)

Through the centuries the spruce had developed a way to adjust to ever changing environmental conditions. This resulted in smaller plants ( about 5 meters tall), that is why it is often compared to cultured trees developed by the bonsai method. Their longevity is possible thanks to their small size.

The ability to adjust to different conditions is a flywheel of evolution.

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