Scientists have developed a pattern describing the beauty of a human face. Find out which celebrities have the features

The world seems to be obsessed with beauty and pristine looks, which possessed can give you a life success. Having seen this, scientists decided to develop a pattern of beauty thanks to which anyone can check how close their face is to a perfect model.

Each person may like different things, because everyone has the right to a subjective opinion on what they see. But people tend to like features which are harmonious and symmetrical. That is why when judging ones face we subconsciously analyse if all of its parts fit.


Doctor Julian de Silva developed a special map of the human face as also conducted calculations, showing where certain points should lay on it so that it would be ideally proportional. In the operations, the scientist related to the number Phi, which already helped ancient Greeks designate the so-called golden point deciding about the harmony of the drawing, sculpture or construction.

No one has the perfect face but the team decided to check how well celebrities would do when compared to the scientific model of beauty.
perfect face (1)

Amber Heard has the perfect face, because it is 91.85% compatible with the model.

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