Scientists have found 4 reasons that make it harder for smart people to fall in love

Love, contrary to what it may seem like, is not an easy feeling. It requires a man show his true self to the other person, it forces them to compromise and sometimes takes away their ability to think logically.

The experience of a romantic love affair is the dream of all, but not everyone has the courage to throw himself into the vortex of emotions. This poses the biggest problem for intelligent people. Their internal struggle of heart and mind is usually won by the latter, which makes them hesitant to follow new sensations and emotions. Why does reason win in their case? Scientists have studied this issue and identified 4 main reasons for which intelligent people find it difficult to fall in love.


Reason one: a too intense analysis of the situation.

Intelligent people like to keep a close eye on their surroundings and analyze all the factors affecting the development of events. Such an intense analysis applies to their own feelings and potential partners as well.


The more deeply the issue is debated, the more aspects of the subject the person sees. Unfortunately, such an analysis makes intelligent people often reject the world of love and elation as unpredictable. They see the risk of loving and being in a relationship, and avoid it well in advance.

You will find another reason interfering with intelligent people in falling in love on the following pages of the article.