Scientists were wrong! Tongue twisting isn’t genetical and can be learned

Who we are and what we can do is partly formed by our genes, which we got from our parents. For example eye colour and stubbornness can be inherited after our mother, while that mole on your calf and exquisite musical abilities can be inherited from your dad. Up to know, tongue twisting has also been qualified as an inherited attribute.

But as latest research shows, this is actually a skill that can be learned. So where does this mistake come from and what were the basis for the new concept? Find out on the next page!

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The tongue is an amazing organ with proper flexibility. It makes thousands of moves each day when we eat or speak and almost never hurts. Apart from fulfilling its basic functions it can also be used to do tricks like whistling or twisting into all kinds of different shapes. The theory that such abilities can only be inherited was first formed in 1940 by Alfred Strutevant.

The tongue is very flexible.

Through twelve years his thesis got around the scientific community and caught the attention of thousands of people. It then became known as certain that tongue twisting abilities can be inherited from our parents. The theory was abolished in 1952 thanks to an experiment conducted on a group of a couple of dozen twins.

Can you twist your tongue in any of these ways? Have a look on the next page.

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