Scooby Doo really exists! You don’t believe it? Meet Presley, a dog that’s afraid of his own shadow

There is hardly a person who wouldn’t know the charming, yet cowardly dog named Scooby Doo. The main character of a popular animated cartoon is afraid of almost everything, and although he’s a true animal, don’t count on his defensive reaction in an emergency – rather on the contrary.

This doesn’t change the fact that the dog is loved by millions of children around the world and it doesn’t look as if this is going to change.

It turns out, however, that a dog with a Scooby Doo attitude isn’t only the inventive idea of creators at the Hanna-Barbera and Warner Bros. Animation studios, but exists in real life. His name is Presley, and although he’s a really big pet, the world around him constantly treats him to new stressful situations. He feels best in the comfort of his own home, on his owner’s lap or tucked under a blanket.

PIC BY MIKEY JONES / CATERS NEWS - (PICTURED PRESLEY WITH OWNER SIAN) - A prized Great Dane was so timid of even minor nuisances that he was branded Scooby Doo. Presley, two, regularly required Sian Barratt, 47, from Oldbury, west mids, to protect him from being attacked by tiny dogs and even scarpered whenever he spotted a plastic bag. Despite being a perfect specimen of his breed, even visiting Crufts to go on display for prospective puppy owners, Presley was so fearful that he would follow Sian from room to room and cry whenever she went to bed. SEE CATERS COPY