Security cameras at Disneyland caught something that no one can explain. A shiver ran down my spine when I saw what the camera captured!

I think every kid dreams of going to Disneyland just once. This legendary amusement park is known around the world. Its main attraction are the characters from Walt Disney’s films, fabulous buildings and various forms of entertainment including an incredible roller coaster.

For several years, there was a rumour that the famous park was haunted by ghosts… Once in a while, there are stories about a mysterious figure observed by visitors. One story has it that Walt Disney was visiting the park…

Recently, there was a video that caused quite a stir. One of the cameras in the park captured something incredible. It recorded a mysterious, bright figure confidently strolling around the Disneyland grounds.

See what the camera captured. I was shocked when I saw it.
It is true that the quality of the video is quite poor, but the shadowy figure can still be seen. So far, it hasn’t been established who it was…

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