Security is a concept that does not exist for these professionals. They are not afraid of hard work or death

A good employee is a living employee.

The world seems to be a perpetual construction site because people are constantly building new buildings, putting up roads or bridges. These tasks are very complex, and their implementation is costly, so construction workers should work with logically thinking and be responsible people, but the reality is a bit different.

It has become common knowledge that for shoveling and briquetting one does not need to be very intelligent and these tasks are known to be for people who have bypassed a school by a wide arc. This false conviction makes construction filled with people who lacked common sense and imagination.

To be a good builder you have to first think logically and know something about the laws of physics, which is crucial when constructing many constructions. In addition, you need to be organized and able to anticipate hazards.

A construction site is a very dangerous place, so each one should have a specialist in safety and hygiene. Such a person is there to check whether the risk of an accident while working has been reduced to a minimum.

Despite the presence of health and safety inspectors and the introduction of a number of restrictive regulations, many of the facilities are built under outrageous conditions that endanger the lives of builders, who often do not care too much about their safety.

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