See how different people value $100

The value of money is very fluid and depends mainly on the condition of ownership. The same amount of money for some people may be meaningless and for others it can be worth a fortune. It was nicely shown by this experiment, which was carried out. A few people were chosen, who have different wages, property and number of members in their household.

It’s interesting how different people have a different attitude toward money. They received $100, for which they had to buy what they consider to be necessary. Their choices were really different. Products were divided into 6 groups: meat, dairy and cereals, fruits and vegetables, oil and spices, ready-made food, sweets and other items, other non-food products. And you, what would you spend this amount on?

1. Karen, 19-years-old, single, a student

She spent most of the money on readymade meals, because she loves pizza. The rest almost entirely was spent on sweets. She knows she doesn’t seem to spend money well.


2. Mike and Anthony, 46 and 36 years old, married, unemployed

For the man, the money can buy a lot of food.


3. Komal, 35, married with two children, programmer

Komal recalls that $100 is a monthly salary in India. Sam buys products from which you can cook healthy meals.